Our vineyards

The vineyards are the basis of winemaking. The good conditions create the opportunity to quote László Alkonyi, it is worth dealing with "the Tokaj tradition, the vineyards". Not without reason, as the oldest vineyard names in Tokaj-Hegyalja are 800 years old. In 1730, the geographer Mátyás Bél made a complete survey of the vineyards of Tokaj-Hegyalja, and in his description, next to all the vineyards, he stated the quality of the given area, first, second, or third class.

Area size: 1.6 hectares
Grapes produced from it: 0.7 hectares

Names of our vineyards, with area size:

Teleki – 0.42 ha: 0.25 ha – Muscovite yellow – 0.16 ha – Furmint – lime-leaved:

The Teleki vineyard is located on Kopaszegy in Tokaj. An area with a deep layer of loess soil of Pleistocene origin. Area with excellent facilities, historic first-class area. Even in the time of King Matthias, it was considered a royal vineyard

Görbe – 0,35 ha: 0,25 ha – Furmint, 0,1 ha – Furmint (felújítás alatt)

It is part of the historical first-class areas of Tálya. It is a multi-colored, mixed, but primarily rhyolite, rhyolite tuff bedrock area. The bedrock is a mixture of coarse-grained rhyolite tuff, rhyolite tuff rock flour and clay in varying proportions, while the soil is mainly slope sediment from forest areas. Typically a vineyard with good water balance, mainly south exposure. His wine is also characterized by this diversity, it can change a lot during maturation, it needs time. It was first mentioned in 1644. There were no major private landowners here until the end of the Rákóczi War of Independence. The only exception was the town of Bártfa, whose territory was freed from the obligation to pay tithes by prince Ferenc Rákóczi I (1642−1676) in 1674. After the War of Independence, the town sold its territories, then it went to the Trautsons, then to the Balogh and Mudrány noble families, and then it became the property of the Reformed Church through inheritance, until the middle of the 20th century.

Közéhegy - 0.8 hectares: under replanting

A vineyard located between Rátka and Mád. It is located west of Madd as a continuation of the Moon Valley. Its rock is volcanic quartzite with gray forest soil. South, south-west facing area. Noted, class 3 area.