The three of us work together, dividing the tasks between us. All three of us come from north-eastern Hungary, and this region is our heart. We feel it is our mission to create something where we come from, thereby giving something back to the local community.

It is important to preserve values and respect traditions, but it is equally important to be able to address the current generation of 30. The key to Tokaj's future success may be whether the wines can be brought to a wider audience.

This requires high-quality wines that are lovable, relatively easy to understand, and able to present the place of production. We would like many people to get to know the wine region through the Tokaj Drei wines, if we could show the lovability of the wine region. 

Human-friendly, direct style. 

We are starting now, learning about our areas, the varieties, and experiencing viticulture and winemaking. The wines of the first vintage are a good starting point, but we want to continuously improve. Our consumers develop together with us, we can grow together, education is important.

The vineyard and the characteristics are important, but it is more important that people open our wine even for a Tuesday evening dinner or a summer terrace.

We don't have several generations of wine-making experience or billions in wealth behind us, our enthusiasm, faith in Tokaj and civil professional understanding are the extras that can make Tokaj Dre sustainable, i.e. successful, in the long term.

We accept learning and the fact that it all comes with beginner's mistakes. At the same time, we strive for professional excellence. We analyze a lot and incorporate the lessons learned into our processes. We use a professional approach. Our goal is to make wines that can hold their own from Tokyo to Los Angeles