The core of our philosophy is that the production of high-quality wine is based on the right growing areas, the right technological infrastructure and the right attitude.

What makes our

wines special?

The secret: the wine should be made in the best place with the variety that best suits it, with perfect processing. I believe there is nothing higher than this "holy trinity".

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Hárman egyetemi barátként, mindhárman Tokaj-Hegyalja környékéről származva.

3 characters

All three of us are good at different things, so we complement each other's work

1 common goal

This is how we got together and founded our winery.


2020 Margareta (félszáraz)

It is part of the historical first-class areas of Tállya. A multi-colored, mixed, bedrock area. Typically a vineyard with good water balance, mainly south exposure. His wine is also characterized by this diversity, it can change a lot during maturation, it needs time.  



Semi-dry sparkling wine made from grapes from the Görbe vineyard in Tálya. A little hidden in the aroma, the peach and pitted flavors around the peach kernel appear in the sip with fresh, fresh acids. The amount of bubble is not intrusive, not painfully stinging. In addition to the lighter style, it also includes minerals. This label was also created for us by Dániel Soma Fehér, and the origin of the name is that Margareta (like Gréta and Margit) means pearl. In addition to direct contact with us, dear consumers can reach WineMaster in the internet world at Ganz Söröző and Katica café and delicatessen in Budapest, and Nyerges Udvar / Prés Bár in Tálya. For a lighter summer evening, but also perfect for a New Year's Eve dinner!